I've always loved taking photographs.  Luckily the Navy gave me the means to be professionally trained.  After I completed my enlistment, I finished my degree in Nuclear Technology and went to work at a Nuclear Power Plant as a Radiation Protection Technician.  I saved up and purchased a Nikon D200, (after my now husband talked me into it) and drug it around everywhere.  I would take portraits of friends and family and was always very uncomfortable when it came to the money portion of taking photos.  Adding money to the equation always took the fun out of photography for me.  Well, I'm still shooting with my D200 over 8 years later! I've been a stay at home mom since 2009.  So this website will be my means to save up for a new camera!  I realize that capturing a memory does not have a price tag, and by no means am I putting down photographers who can demand a high price.  But I also have a soft spot for people who can't afford the high price tags.  That's why you will find my prices are much lower than many photographers.  I've always had a dream of providing senior portraits for those kids who have to pay for it themselves at a price they can afford.  

My husband and I changed the way we deal with finances through a Dave Ramsey class we took in 2008. We budget and live debt free (except the house, but we are working on that).  So this means that I'm all about negotiating! If you would like your photos taken but the price isn't right for you, let me know! We'll work something out.


Recently, I found myself helping out a friend with product photography and I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would!  Nothing gives your online store more credibility than professional photographs of your product.  If you need product photography, please let me show you how much better your website will look if you have your products photographed by a professional.


So if it's portraits, products, or even a birthday party you want photographed, please call me!